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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now, but like many things, I over analyze too much before deciding to just jump in! This blog will be about my experiences as a new mom, my passion for running, and how the two worlds are getting along together. The purposes of creating this blog are many, as you will read below. Let’s simplify this with the FIVE W’s, shall we?

WHO: I am a 32-year-old new mommy of an almost 11-month old baby boy, married to Zach for going on 3 years. I am a dog owner of 3: Lula (chihuahua, 10yrs), Wayne (chihuahua, 7yrs) and Quinn (German Shepard, 1.5yrs). Professionally, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. I graduated with my Master’s degree in 2011 and have been working ever since, but these days I am focused on my new job, MOMMY. Lastly, I am an amateur runner! I love running, though I wouldn’t say I am particularly fast and I don’t look like a gazelle as I am running no matter how hard I try. The experiences that running, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood have yielded have empowered me in the most incredible ways. I am the kind of person that likes to share that amazing feeling because I know I am not the only person meant to experience it! I value connection, unity, community, self-love, growth, generosity, compassion, and sincerity…among many other things.

20171111_153623 (2)

WHAT: This blog will capture my growth in motherhood and a lot of my running experiences, among other fitness and wellness things. I called it The “REAL” Mother Runner because I want to share all the ups and downs, the good AND the ugly of what all this journey entails. Life is too short to fret over perfection or take yourself too seriously. All too often people get caught up in only posting the pretty side of things and that can evoke feelings of insecurity and self-doubt in others. I would know because I have been on that end! I hate the anxiety that I have experienced before to be ‘like’ someone else. As I have gotten older, I have surrounded myself with really strong women who know how to keep it REAL and have learned to love myself more just as I am, right where I am. That is what this blog will be about!


WHEN: My running journey softly began in 2009 when I would run occasionally for a workout, maybe up to 3 miles. I think I ran my first 5k in 2010. Then, I got into salsa dancing! Heavily! So instead of running, I was on the dance floor 2 nights a week and even joined an amateur team for a while, which meant we were dancing multiple nights per week on top of social dancing, so there was no time for running then. My running journey really kicked into gear in 2014 when I registered for my first Ragnar Relay with a team. BYE, salsa dancing! After that experience, I fell in love with all the wondrous memories and experiences running would bring, and the only reason I have stopped since has been due to injury at one point, and pregnancy. I became a mommy in June 2017, and now I am back to running (with a new, shiny B.O.B stroller, too!)

ragnar2015_1WHERE: My lovely family and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Vegas is where most of my miles have been run! However, Zach and I lived in Washington state for a year and I did a lot of running in the forest and around our beautiful, quaint, rural town. I have done 3 races in California, 2 in Washington, 4 in Utah, 1 in Colorado, and countless races in Nevada. I am hoping the rest of my running life will take me to many more places!


WHY: I have created this blog to chronicle what my postpartum journey of wellness, particularly with running,  is going to look like. At some point down the line, Zach and I will decide to have another baby and this blog will serve to keep me going through pregnancy and thereafter. Sometimes, looking back on how far you’ve come will fuel you when you’re feeling low. I figure this blog is not going anywhere, so even if I decide to stop writing, my kids might still be able to read it one day! And one of the most important reasons for this blog is to connect with other runners, other moms, inspire, be inspired, and share experiences. In motherhood, I have come to truly value community even more than I have before. When you are dealing with something, or have a nagging doubt, anything, there is always someone out there experiencing the same. It is so nice to know you have a TRIBE out there in the world. Even if you never meet in person, you know they’re out there, and that is empowering!


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