Progress, not perfection!

In the wake of the Vegas Golden Knights’ win against the Winnipeg Jets today, which brings them into the final for the Stanley Cup, I am over here feeling less on fire and accomplished…but it’s ok!

Let me explain.

This past April, I  ran my first half marathon in  2.5 years and since it was my first half since having a baby, it was extra special. Since then, though, I have been on this slow decline with my running, cross training, and maybe most especially my nutrition!  I have not had the opportunity to do many solo runs (without the stroller) or any long runs. And slowly, my nutrition has become more and more off-kilter, too. I don’t eat enough, then end up eating crap food, I give in to my sweet tooth too frequently, and I have not given up the booze like I probably should! That running flame was lit for a while there and it has slowly been fizzling out… So how do I get it back?!

Back to the Knights real quick…

I am far from being a big sports fan, usually, but the first time I saw the Knights play I was hooked! They have some talent and skill that makes their games so entertaining. I was instantly blown away by their speed and could just FEEL their passion through the TV. That is some pretty inspirational stuff. Lots of folks did not believe Vegas would make it this far and the players’ drive has proved those people SO wrong in the sweetest way. So I think to myself, ‘man, I need that fire they have brought to the ice game after game!’ I am trying to let their determination motivate me to get back on track.

Vegas Golden Knights after winning the playoffs!

The hardest part about maintaining any sort of routine or nutrition plan is having to work around my son’s needs. Not a complaint! Just the reality. I can imagine having more than 1 child makes the challenge all the more difficult. For that reason alone (nevermind the lack of sleep, little time to be on your feet in the kitchen cooking up a storm to meal prep, and the long list of other to-do’s),  I really admire other moms out there who are on their own fitness journey. It’s pretty tough!

Grayson loves his Chance toy signed by Nate Schmidt

That being said, I think the way to get the fire back is to be patient and keep moving. So what if I don’t run 20 miles this week, at least I ran 10! OK, so I had one too many beers on game knight (<–see what I did there? :p ) and way too much chocolate sweets these past few weeks, but I have been exercising and doing my best. Soon, if I just keep the flame lit, things will fall into place again and I will feel more “back on the wagon,” making progress.

My progress has been slow and steady, and I have had 0 complaints about that. It just feels good to make progress. I have a ways to go yet and instead of stressing about this slowing down and lack of discipline lately, I have to be patient with myself, continue to do what I can. and know it will not be perfect. It’s not perfection what I am after anyway, so I should not hold myself to that kind of expectation along the journey either.

Focused on progress! Thanks for the inspiration, Knights! Go Knights Go! Go Katie Go!20180518_160816

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