Postpartum Transformation!

PhotoGrid_1527295073150-01When I found out I was pregnant, I did not worry about the weight I would gain because I was so ready to have a baby and ready to take on what would come. During pregnancy, I didn’t “eat for 2” because I knew that wasn’t healthy, but I also didn’t obsess over nutrition or make it a stressful focus either because I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy with as little worry as possible. By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 60lbs! Yikes! Looking back, I feel like I carried my additional weight well and I felt good in my pregnant body, even with all the discomfort pregnancy brings. I didn’t pay any mind to the big belly or the weight gain, I was just happy to be experiencing pregnancy.

Side note: I did cry over some stretch marks hiding underneath my belly that I could not see and only discovered when I was cleaning a mirror-top table that reflected them back to me! I had already accepted the stretch marks on my sides and thighs, but these on my belly surprised me and I was days away from giving birth, so I guess I was pissed I didn’t get away with not getting any on my belly like I had thought. Truthfully, in my non-pregnant-and-hormonal state, I love my stretch marks! IMG_20170604_183205_923

Here are the details: I am 5’6″. My pre-pregnancy weight was 160 lbs, which is high for me anyway but had become my new comfortable weight. For years I had been hovering at 145 lbs, even with running, and it is a happy weight for me. Then, I ended up with a knee injury and was out of commission for 4+ months! I had the MRI, the physical therapy, but at the time I was in the process of getting married, then quitting my job, and moving to a new state while my husband was then deployed- all during those short few months. Sooooo, I gained weight (up to 165 lbs). Even with joining a CrossFit gym in my new home state, and running again here and there, I was only able to lose about 5 lbs and maintained at 160 lbs up until I became pregnant.

Carrying extra weight
CrossFit days
Obstacle course event at our CrossFit box

Adjusting to mom life has been difficult, as much of a blessing that it is…it has been hard. The first 6 months were the hardest and we struggled with breastfeeding, so for those reasons, I was slow to get back to any running or fitness. Slowly, but surely, it DID happen and I am excited to share how the past several months have gone for me.

Our baby was born in June 2017 and I weighed about 210 lbs. By October, just by breastfeeding, walking the dogs here and there, and getting on the stationary bike a couple times, I got down to 170 lbs. I bought a nutrition and exercise agenda with built-in calendars and motivational stickers. I read that those who take time to track their food intake lose weight more quickly than those who don’t. Don’t quote me on the science behind that, but I feel like it was a useful tool for the time I was doing it. Around this time, I also joined TruFusion yoga studio for some hot pilates classes and other cross-training workouts

Couch 2 5k walk/run workouts

By February, I ran my first race since becoming pregnant, the Color Run 5k, and I did it faster than I had projected! Shortly thereafter, I registered for my first half marathon in 2.5 years, Revel Mt. Charleston in April 2018. I began running more regularly to train up and continued cross-training workouts at TruFusion.

I projected a 2:15 finish for the half marathon and finished in 2:03, so I felt really on fire at that point. Having completed another half marathon after so long felt so good and being that I did it within a year of having a baby, I felt even more accomplished. The best thing, though, was that I finally felt like myself again!

REVEL2018_4Now, I weigh 149 lbs. To date, I have lost a total of 61 lbs and 13 inches. After running my race, I started geting feedback from friends and family that they started to notice a difference in me. Hearing that is the best! Total validation for all the hard work over what feels like such a long time. I have also been able to fit into my old jeans and other clothes that have been too small for me for over 2 years now. The inches lost, the clothes fitting, and overall just how I feel have been the most motivating factors to keep me going, rather than the numbers on the scale. Now, my goal is to cut more fat and build lean muscle so I can be stronger. I can say that this whole experience from having gained weight, then gaining more in pregnancy, my entire pregnancy and birth experience and the past 11 months of a slow and steady fitness transformation has been incredibly empowering and transformative on an even deeper level than the physical. It truly is a journey and I am happy to report that I have a profound feeling of mental strength, confidence, and pride in being a woman and a mom!

Thank you for taking interest in my transformation story and my continued journey of postpartum fitness!



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