Mom Life

In this post, I am going to attempt to capture some of the elements of mom life we may not hear much about in popular conversation. And with that, I have a disclaimer: I am a new mommy of an almost 1-year-old, so what I write here is reflective of my personal experience over the…… Continue reading Mom Life

Postpartum Transformation!

When I found out I was pregnant, I did not worry about the weight I would gain because I was so ready to have a baby and ready to take on what would come. During pregnancy, I didn’t “eat for 2” because I knew that wasn’t healthy, but I also didn’t obsess over nutrition or…… Continue reading Postpartum Transformation!

Progress, not perfection!

In the wake of the Vegas Golden Knights’ win against the Winnipeg Jets today, which brings them into the final for the Stanley Cup, I am over here feeling less on fire and accomplished…but it’s ok! Let me explain. This past April, I  ran my first half marathon in  2.5 years and since it was…… Continue reading Progress, not perfection!

Oh, Hi! Welcome, come on in…

My first blog post! The FIVE Ws regarding my personal running history and what this blog is all about.